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We provide a wide range of miniature painting services. In our offer you can find 2 levels of painting: core and showcase. Each of them is dedicated to the different types of units and armies.



Any model isn’t complete without a proper base. In our offer you will find 2 variants bases: simple and advanced. Most models have simple base, but if you want your elite team had something special under their feet – we will do it with pleasure!


Often we get figures still in sprues- not glued and uncleaned. In addition to the assembling of models, we recommend our service of filling holes, removing mold lines and cleaning of miniatures. Additionally, our assembling service includes the simplest bases – with grass or sand or snow.

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What our clients say

FEOH’s work on the human blood bowl team was…. simply put….perfection. I have worked with many painters over the years, in the US and abroad – but working with FEOH was absolutely refreshing and easy.
What really struck me was I felt they were just as invested and cared about my minis as I did. Communication was steady and quick…. updates with pictures were consistent, and their schedule was accurate.
The work itself was incredible. Great detail, color scheme – total package !

I highly highly recommend your services !! Top Notch.


FEOH works hard to match what you want with their work. They were highly attentive to what I wanted and I could not have been happier. I would highly recommend them to anyone looking for commission work!

Andy Lukavich

I’ve worked with multiple painting services in the past and grown accustomed to the idea that one must choose only two of three options: Fast, Affordable, and High Quality. If you want fast and affordable, it will not be high quality. Affordable and looks great? It won’t be fast. Fast and pretty? High priced.
However, with FEOH, I was lucky enough to find all three. The studio maintained constant communication, produced high quality models (I was the client who contracted the Ad Mech you will see in his gallery), delivered on time, and for an affordable price. I will be recommending the studio to anyone that asks and am already back on his schedule for more work. The work is excellent and the models are delivered in high quality, safe packaging. If you want to try out a painting service, this is absolutely the one to go with.

Joshua Andrews

Fast and clean work with constant updates on the commission.
Every request was respected and well answered. I can only recommend this painting service. Quality craftsmanship is to be found here!

Yannick Fuchs

Awesome job! Great shades and highlights, I really lost myself in those miniatures.

Wojciech Adamiec

Well painted miniatures, all on time. Just pro 🙂

Daniel Sołtysiński

Thanks for the great work!  Everything came back in great condition, well painted, nice and quick, and for a great price.  Thanks!

Matt from MiniWarGaming

Great value for money, delivers on time and in style.

Piotr Woźniak

Great painting! Fast commission and delivered on time! Highly recommend!

Michał Sucuri Reszka

What else we provide?


With some projects we also offer magnetization. If you want your model has replaceable arms or other parts of the equipment – please let us know when ordering.


Great part of our projects are orders from abroad. The standard offer is packing models in special boxes filled with sponge and properly secured. You do not have to worry about that something will happen to your army.


Buy-Paint-Send is our primary service model. It can helps you to save some money or buy bigger army – you decide. Let us tell you the details – instead of sending us your models to paint you can tell us to buy them first locally. Why it is so attractive to you? Because we have better prices in our local Games-Workshop seller.

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