Samuel A. Skiba-Wojnach

Miniature painting artist for hire

Army Painting

In my offer you can find Great Level - painting system I developed for delivering good looking models in decent time.

Best Quality

Are you miniature art collector? Or maybe looking for a boxart painting to embellish your models line? Scroll down to know more.

Leading Workshops

Meeting with me would help you to understand how to see world of miniature painting different than before.

Warhammer 40k


Horus Heresy

Age of Sigmar

Blood Bowl



Thanks for the great work!  Everything came back in great condition, well painted, nice and quick, and for a great price.  Thanks!
I've worked with multiple painting services in the past and grown accustomed to the idea that one must choose only two of three options: Fast, Affordable, and High Quality. If you want fast and affordable, it will not be high quality. Affordable and looks great? It won't be fast. Fast and pretty? High priced. However, with Sam, I was lucky enough to find all three. The studio maintained constant communication, produced high quality models (I was the client who contracted the Ad Mech you will see in his gallery), delivered on time, and for an affordable price. I will be recommending the studio to anyone that asks and am already back on his schedule for more work. The work is excellent and the models are delivered in high quality, safe packaging. If you want to try out a painting service, this is absolutely the one to go with.
Samuel's work on the human blood bowl team was.... simply put....perfection. I have worked with many painters over the years, in the US and abroad - but working with Sam was absolutely refreshing and easy. What really struck me was I felt they were just as invested and cared about my minis as I did. Communication was steady and quick.... updates with pictures were consistent, and their schedule was accurate. The work itself was incredible. Great detail, color scheme - total package ! I highly highly recommend your services !! Top Notch.

Painting Queue


Great Level

40 Storm Troopers
Helghast painting scheme
Great Level

Great Level

Great Level

The Great Level

The Great Level

The Great Level


Great Level

Great Level

Perfect choice for every wargamer and boardgame player

To make every painting scheme clean and consistent I limit myself to 1-2 main colors, then I pick secondary hues based on that.

On my customer’s wish I can just stick to original scheme from the box.

Any model isn’t complete without a proper base!

In painting price you get a base with 1 or 2 materials + few bits: snow, sand, grass, debris, etc.

To deliver this high quality painting I use perfect combo of airbrush and paintbrush work! Glazes, edge highlights, gloss and matte washes, dry prigments, inks, contrasts and true metallics!

Buy-Paint-Send is my primary service model. It can helps you to save some money or buy bigger army – you decide. Instead of sending me your models, I can buy them first locally. Why it is so attractive to you? Because I have discount in my local hobby store.

Models painted on Great Level are always sealed with Satin Varnish. This prevents paint from chipping and keep surfaces looks great – both metallic and matte.

The Best Level

For those collectors who prefer maximum quality. Painting competition level - perfect for boxarts. Every project is quoted separately.

Sky is the limit! I use any number of colors I want due to picked scheme and my customer’s wish.

Simply everything I know – loaded brush, glazes, stippling, drybrush, weathering powders, enamel products, airbrush. Main goal is to make models look awesome.

All included (within reason) – scenic, gaming, display bases. However it depends only on your taste and needs.

Every miniature painted on The Best Level is sealed with ultra matte varnish – to prevent paint chipping and increase visual expression.

Painting workshops and coachings

Everyone has different needs and painting skill – my job is to adjust program depending on your wish.
During years of everyday painting I had a chance to try many different solutions and approaches – so now I can freely share my skills and knowledge.
Write to me to discuss details.


Most frequent questions and answers

Just simply write to me – via email or on Facebook. Then I’ll reply with more details to discuss.

No. At the moment of booking I take 30% as deposit + all the money for purchasing model (if so).
When I finish my job, I will send you final photos for acceptation.
When you do I’ll ask for 2nd rate.
Then I ship the models to your place.

Absolutely yes.
If you also know the main paints/colors used before it would be even easier.

It depends on each project. One week should be enough for 10-men squad on Great Level or 3 elite infantry models on The Best Level.
While booking I always give estimated start date.

About me

Hi, my name is Sam (as you probably already noticed) and I am miniature artist.
I was born in Poland,  raised in the deeps of the forest and in two capital cities – old and new, Krakow and Warsaw. My parents, also artists, showed me path which I decided to follow few years ago – way of a brush, color, light and shadow.
Just love using vibrant colors and models with many details – epsecially 32mm scale – like monsters, walkers or aliens.

Currently I live in peace neighbourhood with my fiance and pets – away from noisy city and everyday rush. Besides of being an artist I like to discover spiritual nature of humanity, esoterism and alternative states of consciousness.

At the beggining of my painting journey I discovered that the only sense of my work is when I do this for someone else – otherwise I just don’t feel it.
Feel free to ask and write, it would be pleasure to paint something for you 🙂