We provide a wide range of miniature painting services. In our offer you can find 2 levels of painting: core and showcase. Each of them is dedicated to the different types of units and armies. We use a variety of painting techniques - oil washes, acrylic washes,  glazing, OSL, battle damage, etc. We have many years of experience in painting miniatures for different systems: Warhammer 40k, Warhammer Fantasy Battle, Infinity, Lord of the Rings. In our work we use mainly paints from Vallejo, but always adjust the color of the customer's needs.


Any model isn't complete without a proper base. In our offer you will find 2 variants bases: simple and advanced. Most models have simple base, but if you want your elite team had something special under their feet - we will do it with pleasure! What is the difference between simple base and advanced? In the basic version you get a base with 1 or 2 materials + few bits: snow, sand, grass, debris, etc. In an extended version we add to this more bits and more complex elements of the area: the worn floor, trees, bricks, sandbags, machines. Everything you dream of!


Often we get figures still in sprues- not glued and uncleaned. In addition to the assembling of models, we recommend our service of filling holes, removing mold lines and cleaning of miniatures. For this purpose we use liquid GS, GS, a special modeling putty, which then grind sandpaper. Of course, this is optional, but it changes a lot in the appearance of the model when it is properly cleaned before painting. Additionally, our assembling service includes the simplest base finishing - with grass, snow or sand.


With some projects we also offer magnetization. If you want your model has replaceable arms or other parts of the equipment - please let us know when ordering. We use a variety of neodymium magnets - their size depends on the size of the model. We drill holes in the model and put in there a cylindrical magnet. Everything is done so that the magnet was not visible from the outside. This service is of course optional.


Great part of our projects are orders from abroad. The standard offer is packing models in special boxes filled with sponge and properly secured. You do not have to worry about that something will happen to your army. With each project, we buy the appropriate boxes so that all your models are safe, then packed in larger box and send. This is an option an additional fee, but box is reusable - and then you can use it for store the models and transport them to the battlefield safely. Boxes have different sponge options, so even custom models can be packed.


Buy-Paint-Send is our primary service model. It can helps you to save some money or buy bigger army - you decide. Let us tell you the details - instead of sending us your models to paint you can tell us to buy them first locally. Why it is so attractive to you? Because we have better prices in our local Games-Workshop seller.

Here is an example:

  • In GW store for Kill Team Cassius you would probably pay $65

  • Shipping cost - around $20

  • My painting service - around $230

  • Shipping cost (sending box back to you) - around $20
    Final cost = $335

In Buy-Paint-Send model it would looks like this:

  • Models costs -​ $38

  • Our painting service - around $230

  • Shipping cost - around $20
    Final cost = $288